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When you leave the old servers behind and let Certified Computer Solutions bring your business to the cloud, you will gain unparalleled flexibility.


Give your users a more efficient, collaborative environment without a huge infrastructure investment.


As your business' needs change, cloud

servers can adapt to suit your needs. Our experienced professionals can show you how.

You no longer need to invest in expensive servers that will need to be maintained or upgraded by YOU. There's plenty of room

in the cloud.


Whether you need to accommodate

a fast-growing business or a plan for

disaster recovery, Certified Computer Solutions has the expertise to make

the cloud work for you!

Save money and make

your life easier

Save money and increase your security!


Give your business

more freedom

  • Office 365

  • Cloud servers

  • Cloud desktops

  • Cloud back-up solutions

  • Google docs

Enjoy a full line

of cloud services

Your information will remain secure on the powerful cloud servers that are built to

handle enormous amounts of information and security. With our help, your team

will have the ability to access important information from anywhere while remaining

free of security concerns.

Your business information will be more secure than ever

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