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Save time and money

with the finest

in CRM solutions



You need to be as efficient as possible in your customer relations management, because in business, time IS money.


You will be well equipped and well trained by the certified consultants at Certified Computer Solutions.

Your customer relations management will be an easy to use business tool that works for you, not against you. We'll show you how!


Many CRM systems are difficult to work with. Take advantage of our CRM personal assistance training and learn the ropes.


Save time and money with the CRM that's right for you

  • Act! CRM

  • Premier trainer for Act!

  • Zoho

  • Maximizer 10

  • CRM training

  • CRM set up

You have many options

to choose from

With the added advantages of user friendly client relations management, you will have all the important information you need right at your fingertips. Keep track of current clients, leads and any other contacts or calendars, even when you cannot be in the office. Give us a call and make your life easier today!

You will have much more control of your client information

Get user-friendly

CRM solutions

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